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COCOJ's work arises from her own merging of visual traditions wrought from her East Asian lineage and Western experience. Evoking coded landscapes and meticulously layered architectural renderings, taking influences from religious narratives and social catastrophes, to talk about the political consequences of media manipulation. 


There are four bodies of work in dialog. The Centric series "Life". is developed after her own first-hand experience of Foot-and -Mouth Diseases (FMD) outbreak (2008), after which she began to question the economy of food and health in our society and an ignorance and a mistreatment toward weakness within our social setting.  On the other side of the dialog is the supportive series "Banknote" (2009), "The Fight Club" (2010), and "Body (2008-)". She recomposes the idealized iconography of real international currency, imageries from the media, and her personal collections  to reveal an underlying narrative of social catastrophe. 

Her series are formally engaging, rigorous and labor-intensive works that reference on the hand the vertical spaces and textured expanses of Asian scroll painting landscapes, while simultaneously calling to mind the heavily etched lines influenced by Western print masters. Her collection of pieces requires close examination: a slow, careful review akin to the study of evidence such a forensic visual investigation prompts the exploration of different approaches to morality through the highly detailed spaces of an East/ West hybrid, filtered through her deft hand and careful and sensitive renderings.

Overall, she references the crawling television news ticker, which she interprets as the bearer of real information in the face of the distracting, manipulating spectacles of eh images "Breaking" on the screen.


cocoj (b.) 1982, Seoul, South Korea, attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for her BFA on Painting and Drawing, Maryland Institute College of Art for her Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, studied Printmaking focus on an etching at the Art Student League of New York  for three years, and Pratt Institute for her MFA on Painting. She has exhibited her works in the United States. Her most recent exhibitions includes "Hidden in Plain Sight", OH ART FOUNDATION, Chicago, Illinois (2019), "Tiny Acts Topple Empires", The Woskob Family Gallery, State College, Pennsylvania (2018), "Unsettled, The Korean Cultural Center New York, New York (2016), "UNDERLINE:RECENT WORKS BY JUDY YANG", and WHITEBOX Art Space, New York City (2015),  "A Politics of Drawing: Proposal for a Method of Transformation" Barbara Walters Gallery, Bronxville, New York (2014), and Skidmore Contemporary Art Gallery, Santa Monica, California (2014). Yang has been the recipient of the Full Fellowship, the Vermont Studio Center (2013) and the Endangered Art and Photograph, 1st prize in the Fine Art, Miami, Florida (2013). Joo Yeon Judy Yang is based in Long Island City, New York.








    2012   Master of Fine Arts, Painting. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York.

    2006   Post-Baccalaureate. Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland.

    2005   Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing. School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.


    2019    Hidden in Plain Sight, OH ART Foundation. Chicago, Illinois. 

    2015    UNDERLINE: RECENT WORKS BY JUDY YANG, WhiteBox, New York, New York.

    2012   The Pratt Studios Gallery, Brooklyn, New York


    2018     Tiny Acts Topple Empires, The Woskob Family Gallery, State College, Pennsylvania.

    2016     Unsettled, The Korean Cultural Center New York, New York.

               Artists Co-Op III, Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, Jamaica, New York. 

    2015    Luminous Coordinates, Hutchins Gallery, Brookville,  New York.

               Illegal Souvernirs, Field Projects, New York, New York.

    2014    A Politics of Drawing: Proposal for a Method of Transformation, Barbara Walters Gallery,  Bronxville, New York.

               Skidmore Contemporary Art Gallery, Santa Monica, California.

               Bridging the Gap, QCC Art Gallery, Bayside, New York.

    2013    The Select Fair, Torus Collective. South Beach , Miami, Florida.

               The New Contemporary Vienna International Art Fair, Shirin Gallery. Messe Wien, Vienna.

               Curate NYC Top 150, Rush Arts Gallery, New York, New York.

               Intern Project Exhibition, Freight+Volume Gallery, New York, New York.

    2012    Bridging the Gap, Flushing Town Hall, Flushing, New York.

    2011    CurateNYC 2011, Rush Arts Gallery, New York, New York.

               Contemporary Female Mythologies, Primo Piano LivinGallery for Contemporary Art, Lecce, Italy.

    2009    Anima Mundi, Primo Piano LivinGallery for Contemporary Art, Lecce, Italy.

    2008    Lift Off!, Plant Zero, Richmond Virginia.


    2016    Mass MoCA Assets for Artists Residency.  Artist in Residence. North Adams, Massachusetts.

              The Vermont Studio Center.  Artist in Residence. Johnson, Vermont.

              Mass MoCA Assets for Artists Residency. Artist in Residence., North Adams, Massachusetts.

    2013   The ENDANGERED Art and Photography. First Prize in the Fine Art, Miami, Florida.

              The Vermont Studio Center.  Artist in Residency Full Fellowship, Johnson, Vermont.

              Pratt Institute. The Circle Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, Brooklyn, New York.

    2010   Pratt Institute. First Year Scholarship, Brooklyn, New York.

    2005   Maryland Art Institute College of Art. Merit Scholarship,  Baltimore, Maryland.

​© All images copyright JooYeon Judy Yang

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